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instagram photo booth - automatic printing photos from Instagram

Photobooth software

for making automatic instamat

instPrinter - instagram photo booth sowtware to make automatic device to print photos from Instagram by hashtag

You may use instaprinter at parties, weddings and other events. Do you want to have your own instaprinter? There is nothing easier – you need any computer (laptop or tablet is ok), internet connection, printer and instPrinter software. Why pay rent for instaprinter, if you can buy your own just for the price of the rent!

Presenter (at wedding, autograph session, concert or corporate), announces hashtag to guests and says that all photos with this hash tag are automatically printed and can be picked up where is instaprinter is located. Guests photograph with their phones, place photos in Instagram with appropriate hashtag, and immediately get the prints. Everyone will be thrilled!

This software is also suitable to make instamat (photobooth) with bill acceptor, sensor screen and camera. Clients will be able to find photos by hashtag or username or make photo with a camera built in photobooth.


We sell ready to use software, not subscription. InstPrint software will stay with you forever.

Design (branding) of the photo frame

You can make your exclusive photo frame for every event

Automatic hashtag printing

Printing will start in 10 seconds after posting to the Instagram

Easy to use, setup and configure

Type in a hashtag, choose printer and press Start!

Online monitoring!

Personal cabinet on website to monitor printing of your device

Developer support & updates

New features available on request, updates are made regulary

Photo archive in specified folder

All printed photos are saved with a frame and in source format


The price is like instaprinter rent and rent is limited in time but our software will work forever!


Software screenshots

Here you can see main functions. You also can download demo version to check it yourself.

Frequently asked questions

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1. What is instaprinter?

It's a device that consists of printer and computer with instPrinter software, which monitors for specified hashtag. When somebody posts to Instagram with this hashtag, instaprinter immediately prints this photo in a special photo frame.

2. Why do I need instaprinter ?

It's modern interactive gadget for every party or other event (wedding, autograph session, concert, corporate evening, conference, presentation). Attendees will have a photo to memorize your event. And you can place ads on the photo frame.

3. What do I need to launch my own instaprinter?

You need any computer with operating system MS Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10) or MacOS, internet connection (usb 3g modem for example), any connected printer (better if this is color photo printer) and an instPrinter software.

4. I have got Linux or Mac OS, can I launch instPrinter?

Yes! We have ready to use MacOs wine package, you can try it on DEMO download page. On Linux it can be also launched throught wine.

5. Is it hard to configure instPrinter?

InstPrinter program is very easy to setup and configure! You need only to start it, select your printer (or leave default), type in a hashtag of your event and press the button Start. That's all! Then program will work fully automatically, every time somebody post a photo with this hashtag to Instagram it will be printed immediately.

6. What printer is the best to get photos like Polaroid ?

InstPrinter will work with any printer, even Monochrome printer. But it's better to use professional photo printer or sublimation printer.

7. Can I save printed photos?

Yes! If you configure program to save photo, then all printed photos are saved in specified folder both with frame and in source format.

8. Can instaprinter work without a printer? What is "projection mode"?

You can work without a printer and making screencast of photos instead of printing them. It may be usefull for decoration or making some competitions on the event.

9. How payment is processed?

You can pay via PayPal - there are buttons "buy" under each edition's description. Software and license code will be sent to you via e-mail.

10. Can I select exact photos to print?

Yes! You need Business edition - there you can search photos by hashtag or username, select what you whant to print and print only selected photos.

11. Can I make instamat or photobooth with instprint software?

Yes! You need business edition and additional 80$ module which is 329$ in total. You can connect CashCode or ITL ccnet billacceptor, any sensor screen and a camera like logitech c920. InstPrint software support several languages and we can add more if you need them. Any currency is supported (But you need to configure your billacceptor separately).

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